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Who we are

At Ebony Ambassadors, we strive to be the leading skills acquisition centre globally and promoter of African cultural identity and diversity the in Diaspora.

What we do

Ebony Ambassadors’ mission is to unite communities through Skills Empowerment Workshops, Art and Cultural Awareness Events.

Organisational Aim and objective

In addition to promoting skills acquisition, we are committed to advocating for cultural awareness and tolerance by creating different platforms to advance community spirit through our youth-led projects, which have been held in both the United Kingdom and Africa. In line with our mission to empower this generation and the generations to come through skills transfer and cultural diversity projects; we have developed a range of activities, which we deliver within our targeted communities as follows:


Skills Empowerment Workshops

The social contact aspect of helping and working with others profoundly affects overall psychological well-being, and our regular workshop helps our participants achieve this. Through our regular seminars, we bring together a group of people with common interests to learn new skills or improve previous skills, thereby creating an opportunity for participants to practice and develop social skills. These workshops have been held in several cities in the United Kingdom: Reading, Basildon, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Bradford.

Summer Craft Classes

The activities for the summer craft classes include sewing, beading, makeup, rhinestone embellishment, knitting, baking and hair braiding. The classes are craft empowerment sessions during the summer holidays. It is 3 hours session strictly for skill acquisition and our facilitators are very happy to guide you through all the skills or anyone you are interested in.

Cultural Exhibitions

One of Ebony’s Ambassadors Visions is to be the leading promoter of African cultural identity and diversity in the Diaspora. Our creativity contest has showcased all the participants’ art and culture, which has always been a yearly event. This segment of the contest is a sight to behold and seems to be the attendee’s favourite because it is an avenue to have fun and learn simultaneously. It is also very entertaining because participants will showcase their dance, food, and arts accordingly

Award Ceremony

We use this platform to recognise and honour distinguished leaders, both male, and female, who have, in many ways, championed the cause of the African Youth in their respective countries, regions, and communities, which are inconsonant with the idea and principles behind the establishment of the Ebony Ambassadors. In recognising and honouring distinguished leaders’ efforts at creating enabling environments and capacity building for the youths of Africa, particularly the girl child, we believe it spurs others to emulate those being honoured and do more things to benefit the society at large.

Confidence Building Workshops & Seminars

The event helps individuals to feel more empowered and fulfilled. On the other hand, it teaches individuals or groups of people how to overcome imposters, shyness and to be more confident in themselves.

Networking & Fundraising Events

Our fundraising events are organised to support the charity mission to Africa. Our events are the best place to network as they attract people from different sectors and are always sold out because people know the benefits of attending Ebony Ambassadors’ events. We have successfully visited Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. The next on the list is South Africa. Please, see link as follows to support our charity mission to South Africa. Please link as follow to support our charity mission to South Africa. Please use link below to donate towards our charity mission to South Africa. Thanks https://gofund.me/1eb3b2b1

Volunteering & Mentoring opportunities

Volunteering at Ebony Ambassadors allows members of the communities we serve to play a central role in our activities. Therefore, we give volunteering opportunities to those considering a new career to get experience in their area of interest. We connect people to seasoned mentors, and critical skills used in the workplace such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, project planning, and task management which are all learnt in the process. The involvement of volunteers in our projects has allowed us to benefit from this important aspect of stakeholder engagements and consultations.

Tackling Unemployment

Our activities provide an opportunity for the Unemployed and unskilled to gain skills to start a new business or to go back to work, thereby reducing the number of unemployed in our community.

Community outreach Programme (Food distribution/ Mental resilience workshops)

As part of our vision to be a platform that promotes community spirit, we have successfully raised funds to develop a Food Distribution Program, which we carried out during the height of the pandemic to support families in our communities and this program is still ongoing. We organise mental resilience workshops via zoom to help people cope with the effect of the pandemic, and also help in looking after their mental health. Through this project, we have launched a wing to cater for the elderly. It resulted from our survey on the previous project, which indicated that 75 per cent of the beneficiaries are elderly, and all want the project to continue. The entire team is happy about this new development.

Signposting Referral agency and signposting

We have been able to build trust within the communities and have had the privilege to assist with referrals to other services that are relevant to the client group that we serve and signpost.


Projects Delivering value is the key to achieving our vision and mission, and central to our work is the importance of service delivery to our target audience and communities, and ultimately delivering value through activities to our service users. We have continued to strive towards improving our framework by putting systems/processes in place that allows us to gain feedback about our services and to help us plan services that meet the needs of our communities. The framework of our organisation, including its design, culture and access to a strong network of strategic partners, has kept the organisation growing from strength to strength.

Our Values

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