Ebony Ambassadors’ MENTAL RESILIENCE WORKSHOP (Your Story Your Reality) PART 2, was mind blowing and full of inspiration. All three speakers sincerely shared their true life stories.

The first speaker DAVID OWUMI, a Researcher at the University of Bradford and entrepreneur, shared his journey of how he went from being a tailor to a business consultant.

At the time he was a tailor, he was homeless, and had 2 suicide attempts, but in 2018, he was able to turn his life around! He came to do a Masters’ degree in Sustainable Development in Bradford, and received awards of academic excellence.

He started his own company, Salt House, Africa’s first Inclusion Research Institute and many other initiatives. Recently, he was selected as a recipient of the 2022 Young Achiever Award by Universal Peace Federation due to recognition of his investment in the service of others!

He got to meet King Charles III in Bradford. Below are some of his last words during the workshop, I quote; “Don’t give up, don’t settle for less and our mindset should be- what can I contribute?

The second speaker NANA HAGAN shared her journey as a stammerer (Speech impediment), to be a presenter and a host to her show: The Inside View.
The Inside View brings local mentors, younger and older achievers, and community heroes to talk about leadership and socio-economic issues. She shared some of her dream that is yet to come to pass due to her disability, of becoming a lawyer. In all her struggles, she remains passionate in wanting to give back to her community through talk shows which is the main reason she founded The Inside View. Her message is, you can become anything you put your mind to!

The third speaker DR. JENNY EPOYUN-WILLIAM is a lecturer, researcher, social and hybrid entrepreneur and career/business coach. Currently she is a lecturer in law and practice at Coventry University, Scarborough. During the pandemic, she became a social entrepreneur and started coaching ethnic minorities looking for jobs. She shared her story of being dyslexic and how rejections of 200 jobs application led to her getting depressed. She always asked for feedback from job rejections to improve in her next application. She requested for help from the University and they helped her with CVs and mock interviews. One of the mistake she made during her job search was not attending networking events. During her job search she learned that she could show transferrable skills from previous roles and overseas experience was still relevant. She learned not to suffer in silence and celebrate small successes. She eventually secured a permanent role in her chosen field: lecturing and as a result of her passion for community development and ethnic minorities she is also a manager of her own coaching organisation called MidPoint Coaching Service.

The recordings of this session will be available to view on our YouTube and social media platforms. Watch this space.

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