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Mental resilience is the ability to cope with or adapt to stress, adversity, or trauma. It is a protective factor for mental health and wellbeing, as it helps people to bounce back, remain calm and focused, and continue moving toward their goals. Resilience does not mean ignoring or avoiding difficulties, but rather seeking support and developing skills to manage them.

Ebony Ambassadors funding application (Barnet Council Mental Health Charter) is granted. Ebony Ambassadors mental resilience and craft workshop sponsored by London City Bridge Trust for the over 55’s in London Borough of Barnet has been a huge success that it’s participants look forward to every fortnightly. Last session was Free T-shirt designing. The feedback was amazing.

This project is open till August this year and it will reopen in February. So far, the participants have made new friends, learnt new skills and improved their previously acquired skills. Our next event is tagged Sew party. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our next session. Please share this information with family and friends. Thanks you!

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